Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Candidate's Perspective on the Pit

Phil Brewer, a medical doctor and Democrat from Cheshire who is running for State Representative from the 103rd district (Hamden, Cheshire, and Wallingford), has written a Letter to the Editor expressing his views on the gravel pit project. The letter currently appears in the online publication Hamden Daily News under the heading “Gravelly travesty” ( and is also reproduced below.

To the Editor:

The age-old battle between profiteers who want to make money without regard for local consequences and tax paying members of the local community who want to preserve their quality of life beginning with a healthy environment has come to a neighborhood near you, West Woods in Hamden.

A developer hired by distant land owners is attempting to obtain approval to turn part of a lovely neighborhood into a commercial gravel pit and to subsequently leave behind 10 acres of stagnant pond water which will breed mosquitoes and, because of the sharp angle of the slope into the water, will be a constant drowning hazard.

If the Hamden Planning & Zoning Commission, under the threat of a further legal action that began after the first application was turned down, approves this project, the landowners will take their money and run, or more accurately have it sent to them, while the neighborhood pays the true price for this travesty.

We have seen in New London how public opinion reacts when private developers use local government to trample on the rights of long-standing residents of the community. Eminent domain laws are being rewritten around the country as a result. We encourage the Planning & Zoning Commission to once again stand up for the rights and expectations of long-standing members of a residential community and to once again turn down this proposal as being inappropriate. After all, it's the right thing to do. For more information go to:

Phil Brewer,
Candidate for State Representative, 103rd District
Dr. Phil Brewer for Connecticut State Rep (103rd District) Cheshire - Hamden - Wallingford


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