Saturday, October 07, 2006

HEARING: A suggestion

While canvassing the neighborhoods around the area of the proposed pit with Al Gorman today it was apparent that sentiment against the Pit is high and that turnout for the PZC hearing on tuesday will reflect the intensity of the opposition. I would like to suggest that everyone ask a neighbor to come with them. More than one senior expressed an interest but had no way to come because of not driving after dark, and people in this situation will need a ride. So, come to express your opinion, and bring someone with you!

The other thing that struck me was the number of people who just couldn't understand why the town can't just say no and be done with it. The fact is, the pro-pit forces are well financed, ably led, and under the law have a real chance of prevailing. Probably not at the hearing, but eventually in court if they lose again. That is why being very vocal and visible are so important. This will show both the owners and town officials that we mean business and will stick together for as long as it takes to prevail.

Remember, the request is for a special permit, not a routine one, and the default position for special permits is (or should be) denial. The burden of proof is on the developer to show why he should be granted an variance, and the more we organize and holler, the greater the burden that the opposition has to work with.

Dr. Phil Brewer


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