Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Citizens Speak Out against the Pit

Here’s what citizens are saying about the gravel pit on the WTNH-Channel 8 blog:

Comment from: mick [Visitor]
From what I've seen, they're in a residential area. I don't care how many jobs it creates, you could put in a nuclear waste storage facility and it would create jobs. It doesn't fit with the character of the neighborhood. How much simpler can it be? Tell them to go dig somewhere else.
10/11/06 @ 18:30

Comment from: Jim [Visitor]
How can anyone say that they are going to return land to its natural state after they have stripped out some 250,000 cubic yards of it.
10/12/06 @ 09:10

Comment from: Michelle [Visitor]
There are so many problems with this application! The developer hasn't told or doesn't know where the trucks will go with the gravel, so he can't provide an accurate traffic study. He hasn't given specific information about test borings on the property, so no one really knows exactly how much sand is there--or when they'll hit bedrock!There are people living within just a few yards of where all the trucks will be refueling and idling, dumping diesel fumes all day long. And scariest of all, there are streams and wetlands throughout the property which lead right into our public water supply. How can we allow such drastic excavation work right in the middle of an aquifer? We can't!
10/12/06 @ 16:13

Comment from: Johnny [Visitor]
The owner of the property argues that he deserves "fair market value" in return for his investment. Since when is the public responsible for insuring private profit? But leaving that question aside, what would be fair market value? Say it's the value of building lots in the Mt. Carmel area, perhaps a total of three or four million dollars for his forty acres. Not the $30 to $40 million he hopes to make by turning those wooded acres into a devastated strip mine!
10/12/06 @ 19:36

Comment from: debbie [Visitor]
The gravel pit in Hamden is a VERY bad idea. Take a look at the area near SCSU where a similar gravel pit stood. The area surrounding this Mt Carmel/Cheshire/Wallingford corner is a residential area with restrictions to Sleeping Giant State park why should a gravel pit have any less restrictions? It is the last place anyone should be looking to set up a gravel pit. Leaving the area untouched is the ONLY solution. Once touched the land will never return to its natural state and either will the residents currently living in that area.
10/17/06 @ 13:33

Comment from: Ed Wilson [Visitor]
As a long-term resident, property owner, and voter in Mt. Carmel, I agree with most of our posters that this is highly inappropriate use of land so close to other residents and so far untouched by developers. 'Johnny' makes a point - 'fair market value' does not mean that the owner can squeeze every last cent of value out of the land at the expense of everyone else's quality of life. This greedy exploitation needs to be stopped now.10/17/06 @ 16:46


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