Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My husband and I have lived in the Mt. Carmel section of Hamden for four years and in Spring Glen for three years before that. Hamden has been a wonderful community to be a part of, and we have enjoyed all it has to offer. I work at Quinnipiac University, hike Sleeping Giant, and, most often, walk the trail that runs by our house. Louis is a runner and is on the trail most mornings. We are horrified at the prospect of a gravel pit, with its concomitant dust, noise, traffic, and destruction of property so close to the trail.

We have spent years improving our property which sits on the corner of River Rd. and Whitney. This will have a direct impact on our quality of life on an already busy and noisy intersection. We have always felt fully compensated by our proximity to the trail and enjoyed walking with our friends and out-of-town guests while they told us how lucky we were. I have a feeling that if that walk will now include a gravel pit, the reaction will not be as positive.

In addition to our love of the trail, we have a strong appreciation of the warmth and commitment of our neighbors to this community. Those who live closer to the proposed pit may leave, strongly affecting the stability of the neighborhood and property values. Many of the families we know have young children, and we cannot understand how the pit developers truly believe that leaving unguarded standing ponds of water, some fairly deep, is safe for curious children. I only hope that these developers and the property owner plan to hold themselves accountable should any child be hurt.

We have tolerated tax increases, car accidents and tire marks across our lawn, picked up beer bottles and other litter thrown from passing cars, and mowed the greenway by the road which is only mowed by the town twice a year as far as we can tell. We have always felt that our stewardship of the area was part of the price one pays for living in a beautiful but busy community. The gravel pit, however, is just beyond our ability to forgive.

Please register our strenuous objection to this horrendous proposal.

Janice Swiatek-Kelley and Louis F. D. Kelley
475 River Rd.
Hamden, CT 06518


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