Saturday, October 28, 2006

Unprecedented eloquence

At the first hearing on the 10th, when so many of us showed up and waited to speak, I was impressed by the patience and quiet dignity of the audience. It was a VERY long night, and all we heard was the presentation of the team of would-be pit mongers.

Last night, we got our chance to speak, and I was simply amazed at the intelligence and eloquence of our opposition movement. How many times have you seen people step up to the mike at a public hearing and then cringed at their inability to express themselves intelligently? But last night there was none of that, absolutely none at all. It was one speaker after another making excellent remarks and observations about all the aspects of the operation and aftermath of the proposed rape of the neighborhood. It is often said at long hearings, "everything has been said but not everyone has said it." Yet each of the dozens of speakers had a different take on the issue, and no two said the same thing.

Hats off to you all, band of eloquent pit bulls who will never let go, never allow this travesty to happen. We shall not be moved!

Dr. Phil, blogmeister


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